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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where is everybody - OOPs Where am I?

I have been perusing my favorite blogs and complaining that no one seems to have been posting much of late - where the hell were they all? Too lazy to post? Then it hit me, I have not posted in too  long a time either, was I too lazy to post. The reasons are many and mostly inconsequential so I hope to change my ways and to start I will list what I have been doing durning this lapse: Painting and organizing figures for new periods. At 79, I need another period? But thats what keeps me young.

So I started writing only to find that the pending loss of support to the XP operating system by Microsoft had impacted my ability to post here! After a long transition to Windows 7, I am ready to try again.

I have been painting up planes to play all the scenarios in the CY6 booklet Gualdalcanal, so far I have the Japanese Zeros and Bettys as well as the US F4Fs. We have even tried a few basic games to learn the rules. More on those later.

Back in 2012, at Historicon, I was introduced to Peter Pigg's PITTS game (Patrols in the Sudan) and have avidly been painting figures and making terrain ever since. Even played a few games. It plays on a 3' x 5' table and the whole game can be carried in an 18" x 30"' plastic tote bin.

The games do not need a lot of figures, less than 100/side, so I set about painting a British and Mahdist army in 15mm. I have played this enough and like it so much that I have registered to run two games at FALL IN


I also have made up all the necessary terrain pieces


Using an on-line translator, I wrote the Arabic words on the buildings for: "Painted by Dick Bryant" and
 " May  all your infidel dice rolls be abysmal"