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Saturday, April 16, 2011

ACW Figures

This past week we received over 140 stands of painted 15mm ACW figures on loan from Bob Beattie - my wargaming mentor (he introduced me to the hobby - which is why my wife curses him every night immediately after her prayers for everyone else). It will be a nice change to play another period besides Cross Fire and Old West games. In the game clubs I belonged to over 43 years, we played many periods - hardly the same one two weeks in a row (unless the game had not reached a conclusion, then we carried it over).  Many new club members sometimes complained that they never played a rule set often enough in a row to properly learn it!

After 43 years, with a new club forming, it come down to having available only 2 or 3 periods to mix up week-to-week so Bob took pity on us. We are building our own ACW armies (and WWII Naval fleets;  and CY6 Air fleets: and 20mm Vietnam War armies for Arc of Fire). So we will not be in these doldrums for long.

Spent a pleasant Thursday unpacking, counting and organizing the new recruits with Dick White.

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