US Support Teams take up positions in Chain of Command Wargame

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jack Breen designed his first CF scenario. The scenario broke some of the rules of CF scenario design, e.g. no unbroken LOS across the table, but because of the ample smoke rounds available for both sides it worked quite well.

The premise was that the main house of a large plantation overlooked the Nakong River and would provide excellent observation over any attempt by the NKPR to cross into the Pusan perimeter. Both sides sent a company sized force to occupy the position and deny it to the enemy. The result was a race of death!

A Company Us Marines with:
            1 CC
            1 HMG
                        3 inf platoons ea. with
                        1 PC
                        3 rifle sqds
            3 60mm Mortar ea. W/ FO and 8 FMs  off table

301 st Company, with:
            1-SMG Sqd.

                        Company Heavy Weapons
                        1 HMG

                                    3-Rifle Platoons; each with:
                                    2-Rifle Squads
                                    1-SMG Squad
            2 81mm Mortars ea W/FO and 12 FMs off table

Major Victory:  At 9:30PM (2.5 HRS GAME TIME) any side holding the Pung Ho estate building and upper hill with 1 PC or CC and 1 complete platoon or equivalent for consecutive 2 friendly initatives.

Minor Victory:  At 9:30PM any side holding the Pung Ho building and high ground with "any" 3 squads for 2 consecutive friendly initiatives.

The NKPA had the initiative. Capt. Wak Duk (Dick White) advanced his platoon toward the first in a series of hills to the east of the compound only to be pinned by the American MG opposite. Capt. Dung Poo (Dick Bryant) was able to move a platoon into the wood on the south of the compound but lost the initiative to the HMG fire. The Americans under Lt. Vyle Habet (Jake Sprague)ran a platoon under cover of smoke along the western ridge line to within striking distance of the compound main building. But in attempting a move into the western edge of the southern wood with another platoon, Capt. Bud Tocks(Rick Bryant) was pinned and suppressed and initiative switched to the NKPA. Capt  Dung Poo’s forces managed to suppress then kill the MG with mortar fire. Several attempts at smoke to cover the rally and advance of Capt. Wak Duk’s platoon failed due to faulty ammo, and that force remained pinned in place for an hour or more.

Lt. Habet managed to occupy the the main building with 2 platoons while another wsas suppressed against the western wall of the compound.  Capt. Poo assaulted the suppressed American platoon in the western wood and destroyed two squads but Poo’s platoon was eventually wiped out in hand-to-hand combat. The Korean smoke continued to fail because of the ammo while the Americans made all their smoke count in advancing toward the objective. The third platoon under Poo was able to reach the elevated road leading into the main building complex but it was too little too late and the North Koreans elected to pull back to try again at night. The NKPA supply officer was shot just before the night action began.

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