US Support Teams take up positions in Chain of Command Wargame

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The KI had its second tutorial game using SeeKreig V rules – this lesson was on how to use torpedoes. 

The situation is that General Wakshismama and a small contingent of his men are starving on the bypassed island of Lackanookie, just to the SW of Bendova. A small task force of  the CL Naka and two DEs, the Kiri and the Sakura under the command of Cpt. Tuckitume(Dick White, better known as “Iron Bottom Sound Dick” )is tasked with his rescue. Headed west, this force is found by radar contact from the US DD Bache, Cmdr Pug Mahone (Jack Breen) who is commanding a two DD search and rescue operation looking for downed flyers reported in the area. Accompanying Cmdr Mahone is the DD Daly, commanded by Cmdr Rip Trousers (Dick Messier).

Intending to skirt the island of Klandestine and head toward Lakanookie, Cpt. Wakshismama  spot the DDs at 1004and turns to the NW, opening fire at 1010 hours, obtaining a straddle. The next barrage by the Naka gets a hit on the Bache at 1016, starting a small fire – it was to be the last hit by the Naka as it came under the combined firepower of the two Fletcher class destroyers. While the Naka had enough guns, the ship was a 1928 rethread and it showed in its fire control capability. The Naka was hit twice and her damage control teams were overwhelmed. Many secondary explosions caused  loss of an engine room and the original 50 point fire began to escalate.

All three Japanese vessels fired torpedoes between 1014 and 1018. The DE’s did not carry long lance and they were soon out of the picture. A long lance fired by the Naka was narrowly avoided by the Bache as the two American ships advanced toward the enemy. Cdr Tuckitume’s force turned away to the East to fight another day.

As of the date of this report, General Wakshismama is still awaiting rescue!

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