US Support Teams take up positions in Chain of Command Wargame

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Korean War Scenario #1
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The North Koreans (under command of Dick White, Rick Bryant, Spencer and Ben Clough)could not deploy until they were fired upon, yet the Americans (under the command of Rick Bryant and Cory OConner) opened fire as soon as the first infantry appeared on the table edge! Thus depriving themselves of a “target rich environment”. The NK tanks, except for one which stayed behind in reserve, headed for the RR tracks (I apologize for the masking tape used to represent the tracks – I remembered to bring everything to the game –except for the newly purchased tracks! - Dick Bryant). The NK Infantry expanded across the front of the American positions, replacing devastated companies as per the scenario. One surprise was that the NK did not take advantage of the opportunity to flank the US positions from their right.

See the Page "Map Symbols" for symbol explanations

The NK tanks rode the tracks until they were targeted by the 75mm Recoilless Rifle on the ridge, the shot was a miss and then the RR was destroyed by the lead tank. In desperation a US platoon with bazooka from the left moved ovfer to the right hand ridge and a US squad and squad leader attacked the lead tank “up close and personal” and were narrowly defeated. A long shot bazooka hit by the US failed to destroy its target.
US Right, note the empty dug-in position where the Recoilless Rifle
was located and the masking tape track
All along the ridge the US was taking casualties, while the NK were replacing theirs. However the US was using up initiatives and the NK came under time pressure to destroy the US position. One NK tank left the board down the tracks, bypassing the US position, another attacked the US position on the hill on the US right, apparently enthralled by their defeat of the US squad earlier – this time, however if was the tank that got the worst of it.
US Center

Finally it was 1330 hrs, “real time” was 10PM without enough time for two more US initiatives - the NK had not met victory conditions so it was called a US minor victory!

Considering that the North Koreans had a Division at their disposal, they were not as aggressive as they could have been moving troops up and replacing destroyed units. Thus, in spite of the US giving away the advantage they had by holding fire until the North Koreans were strung out on the road, cost the North Koreans the victory.

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