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Saturday, June 4, 2011


This week as many members were away, Dick Messier and I met to build roads. We use the technique discussed by Nikolas Lloyd However we use  brown Naugahide (available in many fabric shops) - another Nauga died for the wargaming hobby!

We used 1.5" roads and made about 210" of road plus some radius turns of varying degree, Cross and "T" junctions.

View of ACW game shows what the roads look like when finished.
 We also took photos of all our mountains so as to scale them for use on battle maps. I take a photo of a hill with 2 12" rulers as in the photo. Using Photoshop I then trim the photo so that the  picture is to scale:
Finally, using the "crop" tool, I scale it to 1" as my maps are scaled to 1in. =1 ft. In Quark Express ( a desktop publishing program - There are a lot of desktop  publishing and drawing programs that allow one to draw over photograps and they vould od the same thing.) I draw the contour line which is now to scaled for my maps.

I then color the outline and color the outline in its final color.
Finally I remove the photo and add a number to ID the hill from those in our collection
Every hill we use is so deliniated so that I can "drag" the hill onto a map. Thus a map can be created and we know what exact hill fits in place without having to make up odd size hills. You can see this use in all the scenearios described in this blog.  If you find other publishing programs of drawing progams that will allow this type of manipulation, please let me know and I will list them here.

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