US Support Teams take up positions in Chain of Command Wargame

Monday, May 30, 2011


A scenario published on the Fire and Fury Website

This week we had 2 new players, Spencer Clough and his son Ben Clough. Though they had played F&F before it had been quite some time since their last exposure.

Spencer and Son under the command of Jack Breen took the confederate side while Rick Bryant, commanding and Dick Messier were the Union.

 To see the scenario details as the gamers saw them, go to the website :

Army List: US

A. Banks Corps - Rick Bryant
B. Augur Div.  - Rick Bryant
C. Prince 6/4/2
D. Geary 7/5/4
E. Greene 4/3/2
F. Williams Ex. Div. Dick Messier
[G. Crawford 9/7/5 Ex.] appear at Z when C and D cross Cedar Run
[H. Gordon 9/7/5] appears between S & T when G appears
[I. Bayard Cav Br. 6/5/3 unatt.] Appears between S & T at 7:00 and may move.
4 Batteries of Res. Artillery

Army List: CS
1.Jackson Corps Ex. - Jack Breen
(No Div. comm. present) - Ben Clough
3. Garnett 5/3/2
4. Taliaferro 7/5/4 Ex.
5. Ronald 5/3/2
     2 batteries
[6. A.P. Hill Div.]arrive on the road at X and enter in march column at 5.30.  - Spencer Clough
[7. Branch 10/8/5]Arrive with 6 above
[8. Archer 9/7/5]arrive at X at 6.00 in march column.
[9. Thomas 4/3/2]Arrive with 7 above
      1 battery [on road]
10. Ewell Div. Ex. Spencer Clough
11. Early 8/5/3 Ex.
                                                                                           2 batteries

[12. Trimble 5/4/3] and [13. Forno 8/6/4] (Jack Breen)arrive on table in supported line at 6.00, from Cedar Mountain. They may arrive earlier, if an unspent enemy unit moves to within 6" of the Cedar Mountain batteries.
Unless otherwise specified, all units except for the Confederate unit near the Crittenden house start in supported line. The Confederate unit near the Crittenden house starts in single line.

The game begins with the US 4.30 turn, and ends with the CS 7.30 turn. The last turn is a twilight turn, cannister and in-combat shooting only, command radius is reduced to 6".

4:30-5:30 Early moves to protect the the position at Cedar Mtn while the Union advances on Cedar Run.

The Union troops moved toward Cedar Run and also to guard their left. The artillery duel cost the Union a battery destroyed but the Confederate guns on the wooded hill used so much ammo that they had to pull back to replenish. Only one battery returned close enough to the wood edge to fire on the Union for the remainder of the battle, the other stayed too deep into the wood to see targets! The Confederates moved the battery near the wheatfield down the road toward Crittendon House and into the cornfield to support Early. early moved futher to his right to blunt the advance of Pince's Bde. The Confederate guns on Cedar Mtn had to contend with poor powder and didn't hit few if any Union targets for the entire battle. 

Union advances to Cedar Run, Confederate arty on hill falls back to replenish after destroying Union Battery

 Early charged Prince but  came under heavy fire from the the Union batteries on the hill and the infantry along Cedar Run. they lost several stands and where disorderd. They were defeated in melee and pushed back. Meanwhile the remainder of Augur's Division crossed Cedar Run and advanced to the edge of the cornfield .  Williams' Union division appeared in the wood to the right of the Rebel advance and on the hill behind Augur. Williams advances to cover the road down which the Rebels will have to come and they oblige by charging the deployed  supported Union Bdes through the flanking fire of Williams' units. The conclusion is not long in coming as the Confederates, decimated, leave the field.

6:00-7:00 Rebels charge into the Union killing zone.

6:00-7:00 Melees on Union left hold the Confederates at bay.

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