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Sunday, May 15, 2011



This scenario is based on “The Raid” a scenario from the website of Nicholas Lloyd

As most of the troops I have at present are Koreans, Chinese and U.S. Marines (for the Korean War), we had to move the scene to Korea. The club is building German and U.S. Army forces at the moment so Non-Korean War scenarios can be kept as Non Korean War scenarios, eventually. But back to Wee Wang;

The NKPA has over-run a U.S. command post and captured a safe containing top-secret plans. U.S. Forces have identified the location of the safe. The NKPA is awaiting a special team of experts who will attempt to open it without destroying any documents inside. The U.S. has to destroy the safe before the NKPA can get to the documents.

The safe was hidden in a small town (Wee Wang) and guarded by a company of Green NKPA troops. A couple of companies of Regular NKPA infantry and some armor is bivouacked a few miles down the road to the NE of Wee Wang.

301st-Infantry Company, (GREEN)with:
            1-SMG Sqd.

                        Company Heavy Weapons
                        1 HMG

                                    3-Rifle Platoons; each with:
                                    2-Rifle Squads
                                    1-SMG Squad
Attached troops
            1 HMG
            2 60mm Mortars (12FM) ea.ON TABLE

NKPA places its forces ANYWHERE on the table and places first. They are HIDDEN if in buildings or terrain features except for the ROCKY GROUND that does not break LOS. The lakes are impassable but do not give cover nor break LOS.

The U.S. wins by having a squad of specialist troops (engineers) continuously next to building X for 5 of his phasing initiatives– the NKPA wins by denying him this.

After 8 NKPA initiatives, a die roll of a 5 or 6 indicates a reinforcement arrives at the road exit on the next NKPA initiative – another roll of the die will decide how many points of reinforcement that will be – it could be none! Roll on every initiative thereafter until the reinforcements are all on table.

(All Regulars)
1D6 - (1D6+1)

1 pt.                                         1 platoon of REGULAR infantry (4 available)
1 pt                                          1 HMG in truck (1 available)
2 pt.                                         1 T34/85 TANK (2 Available)
2 pt                                          1 off board 81mm Mortar with FO (he has to move on the table from the road exit. 12FM (1 Available)

2 Coy US Marines(VETERAN)

                        1 ENG Platoon
                        2 81 mm Mortars OFF BOARD ea. with FO and 12FM
                        1 HMG
                        1 75mm Recoiless Rifle on Jeep
                        A Co. With
                                    1 CC
                                    3 inf platoons ea. with                                                                                                               1 PC (+1 rally only)
                                    2 rifle sqds
                                    1 Bazooka Sqd

                        B Co. With      
                                    1 CC
                                    3 inf platoons ea. with                                                                                                               1 PC (+1 rally only)
                                    2 rifle sqds
                                    1 Bazooka Sqd

The U.S. places on board 2nd and has the initiative. You may begin on any two table edges as photo recon has pinpointed the building holding the safe (Marke “X”). Split your forces as you will.

The engineers are the specialist troops needed to blow the safe up. At least one stand must stay next to Bldg X continuously for 5 of your phasing initiatives to win.


Richard Bryant Jr (US B Co.) and Dave Messier (US A Co.) are both novices- well they have 3 or 4 games under their belts as defenders: and Ricky Bryant (NKPA) has played dozens of games as attacker or defender.

PHOTO 1 Overall Dispositions

The NKPA   took up positions surrounding the town and placed a platoon on their right flank in a position to defend the road down which hoped-for reinforcements would arrive (PHOTO 1). The Americans opted to come on all on one table edge (PHOTO 1).The the 1st platoon of B company advanced to a copse of woods just in front  of the NKPA left flank platoon. There a firefight ensued that lasted for much of the game (PHOTO 3) with the US eventually getting the worse of it.
PHOTO # The Fire Fight

Company B, the Engineers and the Recoiless rifle came on the American Left and slowly advanced toward building X. (PHOTO 4).

PHOTO 4 Co. A advances - the Engineers are in the wood to the right of the picture
Meanwhile 2nd Platoon of Company B had come on behind 1st platoon while 3rd Platoon came on to the left.

The NKPA had been desperately calling for reinforcements but their radios were in a dead zone! Finally (NKPA initiative 11) a 1 point reinforcement arrived- a HMG in a truck (PHOTO 6) and took up a position in a field to reinforce the NKPA left flank.  But it was quickly pinned down.

PHOTO  6 HMG Reinforcement comes on and gets pinned.
A little later the NKPA radios got through again and a 2 point reinforcement – a T34/85 tank appeared down the road. The US tried several bazooka shots but to no avail. At this point the 3/B tried to advance toward the village. Here it was pinned down in the open by fire from the village and decimated by tank fire. Photo 2 shows the result – the tank is just above the building at the top of the photo. Note the lone American observer near the table edge! It did not take long for the NKPA to note him and the tank took him out on the next initiative!

On the US left, Company A discovered that their 81mm Mortar had accidentally used all but one of their smoke rounds – no wonder they never did any damage. By the way neither did any of their barrage rounds. The engineers heroically advanced against building X using the one smoke round left but when the smoke dissipated they were taken under fire in the open by an HMG in building X and several other NKPA squads. There were not enough engineers nor support to ensure success, so the US broke off contact, having lost 14 stands, and called in air strikes.

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