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Thursday, July 7, 2011



A follow on game to the defeat of the Union and General Banks at Jack’s Crossing was caused by the Union moving toward South Mtn. and Fox’s gap. Jack Breen designed the scenario.

You have received a courier from Gen Lee. stating that the US arsenal at Harper’s Ferry was taken earlier today. Gen. Stuart reports that a Union force of greater than 75,000 men are approaching South Mtn. in pursuit of the South’s divided army.

South Mtn. has 3 gaps that allow an army to pass through unhindered. You are to tasked to hold Fox’s Gap and deny the passage of the enemy. You are to hold this vital area for the remainder of this day. If allowed to pass, Gen McClelland’s army will find our army divided and unable to defend itself.

You will be outnumbered, but with available reinforcements from Longstreet released to you as needed (at a cost of holding the other 2 gaps) you must hold at all costs.

If the Union’s march is delayed through this day, Gen Lee expects to meet and defeat Mclellans somewhere west on the Sharpsburg road.

Game Start is 1300 hrs.

The force at your command:
General Longstreet 1 Corps. (not at the battle)
D.H. Hill Division Commander
Garland (E)                 9/7/5
G.T. Anderson            5/3/2
Ripley                         6/4/2
Law(E)                       6/4/2 (enters from Turner’s gap at 1430 hrs)

Pelham’s Battery 2 Guns

G.B. Anderson           5/4/2
Hood(E)                    9/6/4 (can enter at 1600hrs)

Set on as shown on map.

Victory Conditions:
Hold Fox’s Gap at game end: 5VP
Use G.B. Anderson before 1500 hrs -1VP
If use Hood -2VP
Other VP as per rules.

Gen. Reno – Great News! General Lee’s orders were intercepted last night. Gen. Pleasonton and his advance Calvary have learned the location and deployment of the Rebel army. Lee has split his forces at Harper’s Ferry and again divided at South Mtn.. We know he is under strength at each of the 3 mountain passes.
You are ordered to attack and pass through Fox’s Gap today. You will have superior numbers, four Divisions against perhaps 3000 rebel defenders. Securing Fox’s Gap and the other 2 passes will put this army between parts of Lee’s army and drive them from Maryland, and perhaps end the rebel cause once and for all.

Game Start is 1300 hrs.

Your Forces:
General Reno (E) Corps Commander
Battery(2 guns)

Cox’s Division
1st Bde.                                 6/5/2
2nd Bde.                                5/4/3

Sturgis Div.
Nagle                                     6/5/4
Ferrero(E)                              6/4/2

Wilcox Div
Christ                                     6/4/3
Welch                                    6/4/3
Battery (2 guns) Arrive 1400hrs

Rodman(E) Div.
Fairchild                                 6/4/2
Harland                                  6/4/2

Special conditions for turn 1:
All Union troops can charge except Rodman
Rodman, Ripley and G.A. Anderson move at ½ speed.
Drayton and G.T. Anderson move pro-rated ½ speed and while in woods < 2”/turn

Set On as shown on map.

Victory Conditions:
Hold Fox’s Gap at game end: 5VP
Other VP as per rules.
The Battle report is by the game Master Jack Breen:

Initially Cox's Div. (Rich Bryant) moved into contact with Garland's Brigade. He was badly repulsed( Rolled a 1 to their 9!) and was forced to retreat to the woods SE of the gap. Garland then reforms behind the south stone wall. While this attack faltered, Sturgis' Div. (Messier) assaulted G.T. Anderson who had moved up to the wall north of Garland and was soundly driven back with many losses (2 stands ). All this time, Pelham's Guns (Cory) were maintaining a steady fire to both of Wilcox's Div. on/near the Sharpsburg Rd. and the Corps guns on the road with good success. At least 1/2 the guns were silenced, and the Div' suffered sustained losses while attempting to remain in good order for their attack to the junction/gap. They were slow to the attack.

overall view showing start positions

On the Union right, Rodman's Div (Dick Bryant) were steadily making their way through the north wood and trying to engage Drayton's Brigade (Spencer) behind the north stone wall. After Cox was repulsed on the Union left, Cox attempted to turn the flank but was stubbornly held back by Garland. Crook's Brigade (Cox's Div.) was able to level a flanking fire along the back side of the wall, but with few casualties.

Rodman starts to turn the rebel Left

Law arrives on the Union rear!
Garland tightened up his lines and Cox lost the advantage. Meanwhile, Sturgis was repairing for another attack upon the wall, but was halted by a fierce volley from Anderson's brigade that stopped his attack. Wilcox's Div was having difficulties rallying his brigades and they blocked the road on the upcoming guns of Rodman. By this time, Rodman's brigades had cleared the woods and had gotten up over the north stone wall only to have their guns jam and exact a less than effective fire upon Drayton. Nearing his flanking attack, by the wall, Rodman was met by Ripley's Div (Cory) who had formed an unseen line in the woods and held back only to find Law's Brigade entering from Turner's gap behind him and force a hasty retreat back down South Mountain towards the base and closer to McClelland (sp) . Decisive Confederate victory....!

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