US Support Teams take up positions in Chain of Command Wargame

Saturday, July 30, 2011


(Scenario by Jack Breen)

The Germans have occupied the small town of Nocapito to slow the US advance on their MLR.

American Forces:
1st Btn
1 Btn CO(+1)
1 81mm Mortar w/ FO and 12 FM.
A Co. (Veteran)
     1 CC
     1 60mm Mortar (10FM)
         3 Platoons ea. with:
         1 PC(+1)
         3 Rifle Sqds

B Co. (Veteran)
     1 CC
     1 60mm Mortar(10FM)
        3 Platoons ea. with:
        1 PC(+1)
        3 Rifle Sqds

1 Section of M4 Sherman tanks
2 M4 Tanks
1 Section of A10 Tank Destroyers
2 M10 Tanks

Mission: Take at least 3 of the buildings of Nocapito by 1100 hrs

You have the initiative.
Time line: 0600 Coy A enters from line FG.
        0630 M4 Section enters from FG
        0700 Coy B enters at FG
        0800 M10 Section enters from FG

Mission: Prevent the Americans from taking any of the building in Nocapito. Untill expected reinforcemnts arrive at about 1100 hrs.

9th Infantry Co. *(Regulars)
1 CC(+2)
1 120mm Mortar w/FO and 10 FMs
1 81 mm Mortar w/FO and 12 FMs
1 Pak 40 AT Gun w/truck
2 Infantry Platoons ea. with:
     1 PC(+1)
     2 Rifle Squads
     1 Sqd w/ Panzerfaust(late)

1 Infantry Platoon ea. with:
     1 PC(+1)
     2 Rifle Squads
     1 SMG Sqd

You have 2 barbed wire sections to help with the defense.

Deploy first, hidden, anywhere North of line AB

Special Rules:
The river may be crossed only at the bridge and 3 fords (see Map). Vehicles attempting to cross at the fords are subject to a “Bog-Down” Check. Bog Down on 5+, Un-Bog on 4-. Permanently Bog on a 1 when trying to Un-Bog. Bogged vehicles block the ford.
The Moving Clock is in effect and advance 30 minutes 0n a 4+.

The Germans under the command of Rick Bryant used the few assets at their disposal. I Barbed wire went to deny the US an end run around the river at table edge. The other to deny them easy access to the one undefended building in the town. Rich Bryant had an advance spoiling force in the woods covering the next ford north on the river and Dick Messier had a delaying force hidden on the German right. The “Ace in the Hole” was the Pak 40 effectively hidden in some hedges near the foremost building of the town.

The first moves of the Americans was A Company under Dick Bryant . As they advanced toward the fords, they came under withering fire from Rich Bryant’s unit and soon went to ground – this cost them one platoon. Not being born yesterday, Dick decided to try the left side and advanced cautiously, trying to get his 81mm observer up to where he could use smoke to shield the advance. A try at Recon-by-fire yielded no result except a lost intiative. The Germans used this to complete the destruction of the 3 Platoon of A co. Additional rounds of fire causing initiative losses, advancing the Clock very quickly. At 0700 Dick White brought on B company to a similar reception from Rich Bryant, loosing all but a PC from one of his platoons. At the next opportunity, Dick Bryant brought in the M4s (He had held them back at 0730) and they joined the M10 section to arrive en masse at 0800.

American Armor comes on - Remnants of a Company B Platoon is seen near the river and Americans have moved into the German position across the River.

The M4 Brews up - see the PAK 40 behind the hedge at the top of the picture!

The shock of all that armor had the desired effect on the Germans, but not for long. Several Panzerfaust rounds bounced of the lead M4 as it took out most of Rich Bryant’s platoon. Dick White advance to occupy Bryant’s position and game under fire from the town. The Americans were never able to effectively use their smoke because of the lack of LOS to the German defense positions and the inability to move up observers without loosing them! Just as the Americans are starting to lick their lips over the promise of Cianti Wine and Pizza in Nocapito, Rick Bryant uncovers his PAK 40 and destroys one of the Pattons. Another shot missed and the Americans took the initiative and moved up on the German Left to be confronted by Messier’s force. The Fire fight there was in the US favor, but several exchange of initiatives moved the clock and a couple of bouncing hits caued the second Patton to back away and look for another avenue of attack as were the M10s. One M10 attempted a river crossing an, of course, got Bogged Down! It was realized at this point that it was 1100 hours and the expected German reinforcements would show up very soon. The Americans pulled back to reinforce and try again the next day.

The American Left A Company moves into the woods and fields -The german position is in the field on the other side of the two boulder fields
Should we play this scenario again or if any of you out there want to try it, I would adjust the Moving clock to change only ½ hr on a 5+ or by 1/3 hr on a 4+. The table width should be reduced to 4 feet as well. – Dick Bryant

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