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Saturday, September 17, 2011


A Fire & Fury Scenario

Report by Jack Breen

In the early afternoon, Gen. D.R. Jones (Dick Messier) C.S.A., commanding, awaits the coming of Union forces at Turner's Gap. There has been much gunfire heard from Fox's Gap to the south. Jones has 6 brigades to hold back what appears to be an entire Federal Corps led by Gen. "fighting" Joe Hooker(Dick White). Straddling the National Road just east of the gap with 2 batteries Jones has built hasty works with the Colquitt, Evans and Garnett brigades. Gen. Jenkins is in reserve with his South Carolinians. Gen. Kemper and Rodes (Rich Bryant) hold the confederate left anchored in the high woods and rocky hills to the north. They are using the deep woods and rocks as cover.

The area is mostly wooded - the clear area near the 3 boulder filds is also wooded

At 2PM a broad Union front presents in the woods. Hooker is in command of the better part of 3 divisions from Gen. Hatch (Doubleday), Ricketts & Meade. Hatch and Meade bring up 2 batteries each for support. The Union left is commanded by Dick Bryant pushing the brigades of: Phelps, Hofmann, Patrick & Gibbon. Dick White commands Duryea,Hartsuff, Christian, Magilton, Seymour & Anderson deploying to the right (north).
Union Columns move agains Rebel Left

Dick White's Forces moves agains the Rebel Left under Rich Bryant

The artillery open up early and exchange fire, with the Union getting the best of the duel silencing several confederate batteries. This allowed Dick Bryant's 2 brigades (Patrick & Gibbon) to attempt a flanking maneuver around the Rebel right. Just in time, Gen. Hood's reinforcements enter from Fox's Gap in behind the Union left flanking attempt causing them to halt. Dick Bryant reactively "refuses the line" and holds the Hood attack.

Bryant moves against the Rebel extreme Right, blocking Hood
With this end of the battlefield essentially fought to a draw, Dick White presented the Rebel left, north of the gap and Rich Bryant with a most dire challenge. He has formed 6 assault (field) columns and is aggressively pressing the Confederate left with the brigades of: Duryea, Hartsuff, Christian, and the Meade Division of Seymour, Magilton and Anderson. Rich Bryant immediately calls for help from Gen. Jenkins, unfortunately, Jenkins is caught in column and is hammered by Dick White's left and is broken.

Dick White catched Jenkins Bde in column and destroys it
They attempt to regroup and hold but too much damage is done and they are forced to retire from the field. With Rodes(Rich Bryant) attempting to connect with Kemper to tighten up the Rebel left, the 3 Union columns slam into him, completely dissolving the brigade and then advancing toward Kemper's rear.

The final Union push in th ecenter

At this point (3:30PM), 6 strong Union attack columns were about to descend on two weakened Rebel brigades who had retreated through the gap towards Sharpsburg and Gen. Lee.
This was the 2nd of 3 South Mountain scenarios played by the group with Fox's Gap held by the Confederates and Turner's taken by the Union. All eyes are to the south on Crampton's Gap which could be the deciding battle in the series leading to auch larger action somewhere near the Antietam River and Sharpsburg, MD.

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