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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Chris kindly offered to give our group a hands-on tutorial of his new DOB rules at the club this past Thursday. We had played the 3rd edition many times and enjoyed it but had some major problems  in trying to play the 4th edition on our own. I think that it was because of us unconsiously reverting back to 3rd ed interpretations.

Chris Parker, center, explains a fine point to Spencer Clough, left, and Dick Messier
The 4th edition has simplified the game considerably and makes for quicker determination of a winner. We had two players (Dick White and Dick Bryant) who had played 3rd a lot, two players(Jack Breen and Spencer Clough) who had played 3rd 2 or 3 times and one (Dick Messier) who had never played the period in any manifistation.

Chris played a spot in the game to balance it 3 to a side and we played to a conclusion in 2.5 hours - in a learning game!

Spence Cloug and Dick Messier remain engaged in a tough series of melees on the German Left
I highly recommend these rules to anyone who wants to game the Medeival period from Vikings and Fuedal England/France to the 100 years war and the Crusades. Once you have learned the tactics and the play of the game, you can get into campaigns where one's ranking, and thus the size of the army he can field, changes with his fortunes on the battle field. I especailly like the individual feel that the 28mm figures and the inclusion of Pages, Heralds, Squiires Champions and other features give a "you are actually there" feel to the game.

The Germans escort The French King and his banner into ignomonous captivity
The game was especially satisfying as I (Dick Bryant) managed to capture my opponent, Dick White - The French King, and his banner. We decided that out of respect for his bravery we let him work in the stables, pending his ransom, rather than cleaning the chamberpots.

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